Winter Beer

With the seasons changing and getting colder, there are new holiday flavors for food and drinks. This is my favorite time of year and one thing I love to do is try the winter flavored beer. I decided to try the Samuel Adams Winter Classics pack that you can purchase from any grocery store. It comes with six flavors including Boston Lager, Winter Lager, Sam 76’, Old Fezziwig, Holiday Porter and Chocolate Bock. I love beer tastings but sometimes it is nice to have your own tasting in the comfort of your own home. I am starting with my favorite, the chocolate bock. The name sounds weird however, it is so delicious. It has the cocoa taste but it is not over powering and it leaves a sweet taste in your mouth. I used this one to make beer bread to give it a sweeter flavor. Next, we have the Holiday Porter, which was full of holiday spices and actually pairs perfectly with Thanksgiving dinner since I would know. The Boston Lager is a true classic to Samuel Adams being one of the first. I paired this with burgers especially a blue cheese burger that I made. The Sam ‘76 is part Lager and part Ale. This is one of those classic beers you have while hanging out with friends and eating a pizza or a fun taco night. The Winter Lager is the first of their winter flavored beers and perfectly paired with gingerbread and apple pie or in my case, apple turnovers I made. Last but not least, Old Fizziwig is a beer with notes of orange and holiday spices. I think this beer would be perfect for Christmas dinner and the leftovers you have for the next week. Give these flavors a try, they will not disappoint. These are my own preferred parings that I have tried but you can find more pairings on Samuel Adams website.


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