Peddlers Bar and Bistro

A current favorite restaurant that has played a huge part in my life is Peddler’s Bar and Bistro. It’s located in Clifton Park off of route 9. It was one of my first bars with my mom after 21, it was where I had my first date with my boyfriend along with my grandma’s birthday and family meals. The atmosphere is fun for those late nights with a huge bar and stage for live music or karaoke. However, it is also perfect on a Sunday for those family meals with their dining area which is indoor and out depending on the season. The staff is super friendly and easy to talk along with being fast and helpful. I feel bars that are popular get a bad reputation for not being very clean, but not Peddlers. Everything from the bars to the bathrooms were clean. Even when I spilled my water, they were there 5 seconds later cleaning it up before I even had a chance to say sorry.

Now for the good stuff, the food. My parents and I went for lunch one day and we took a photo of our delicious food. As you can see the food is very appealing and yummy!

Peddlers food

Here starting at the top is the Con queso wrap, fajita quesadilla, and the french dip. I tried each of them and they were amazing. The wrap wasn’t super messy with the queso and the steak was cooked perfectly. The quesadilla is a classic and I have also tried they’re buffalo chicken quesadilla. They really pack them with the filling and come with salsa and sour cream. I ordered the french dip with french fries, the sandwich was succulent. I couldn’t get enough of it and the au jus was perfect, not to salty at all.

Some other dishes I tried there are Mac n Cheese which is the second best I ever had. It is so delectable. I also tried the bacon ranch quesadilla and fish n’ chips but, my favorite is the fried goat cheese which sounds a bit weird to some. you have to try it thought, not a first date food with the caramelized onions served with it. (Take it from some who knows what she is taking about. For drinks I tried the patio punch and then pumpkin spice russian which are both very good. I highly recommend giving Peddlers a try as soon as possible. You can go follow them on social media too for the live music and karaoke they have! Don’t forget to like this and let me know where else I should try!


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