Groupon Email Marketing

This week we learned about email marketing in my digital marketing class. To know more go visit Professor Pepe’s page. Email marketing can be very useful since over 90% check their email every day. I choice Groupon’s email marketing. I signed up for Groupon to receive deals for restaurants and concerts. It has come very useful for activities and to travel to my surprise. I receive emails 3 times a day and I don’t really look at them unless I am financially in a place to purchase. I do look at the one email with coupons or sales on it. Per week, I look at about 30% of the emails if I am being honest. The first emails subject line is “Save 25% OFF On Us!” while the second one says “Concert: Michael Buble”. Obviously the 25% off enticed me to look at this email since inside was a coupon for 25% off any activity or item, etc.
email 1email 2

The other subject line enticed me with it being the holiday season, I always look for holiday activities for my family and I. However the email showed that fist and then showed other offers not related to it below. The call to action for the first email is “Shop Now” button with the promo code above. I did not click on it as, I was not going to be able to purchase anything as of right now. I think this is effective since it gives you an option to head start to shopping with a coupon. The second email has the price below a picture of him and then the call to action is the “View Deal” button. Cost $89.50, I didn’t click on it to buy tickets, however I did click on it to send it to my mom on Groupon since she introduced me to the app. I think it is effective to show the price with a call to action so if the price appeals to them, they can quickly act on it. The first email I felt could have had some more offers under the coupon. I think it was a missed place to entice more sales. The second email had the perfect number of deals, it wasn’t really long or overwhelming. I think the first email was to everyone that subscribes, while the other one is more tailored to what I look at recently. I don’t think the first email is segment dependent but I do think the first deal in email number two is segment dependent. I think it did its job gaining my click to view its deals and share. Groupon is very persistent with sending emails every day. I think its next email should include more of their items for sale, as the coupon was for the entire website and the second email only shown events and memberships.


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