Increasing SEO Ranking

Today, I wanted to share a post with you about a couple ways to increase your SEO ranking. I know this blog is about my journey with food but I have formed this blog with the help of Professor Pepe. I want to show some of the skills that are helping me to form a successful website. If you want to check out more on Professor Pepe and his digital marketing class check out his blog here!

This is one of those topics I have really been excited to learn since it is a skill many are looking for from their marketers. To start off first, your SEO ranking stands for search engine optimization ranking which is where you rank on search engines such as Google or Yahoo. One of the first ways to improve your SEO ranking is with keywords throughout a web page or article. The best platform to use for this is Google AdWords which is what we use in class. Here, you can look up keywords that bring traffic to your website. Here I entered “food review” since I do a lot of recipe and restaurant reviews just like my last post reviewing Grub Hub and there website which you can check out here! Some of the highest keywords I used is “food delivery service” and “home delivery food”! As you can see there is plenty of keywords to use under “food reviews”!

keyword planner screen shoot of food review.jpg

Another way to use On-Site SEO tactics is using those keywords in various areas. First being the URL, title tag and header tag, which I have been using a lot of my keywords in my titles if I can. Another place is anchor texts, that are words with attachments and when you click on the word, a hyperlink is attached. It refers you to another website which, can be very useful. It links you to other articles and encourages traffic to your post. This can be used to determine the quality of a website, by how many people are linking to your content. One of the obvious places is in your main content but you don’t want to use too many keywords because Goggle with see this as deliberately trying to push yourself up in search rankings without really trying or creating good/useful content. In my last post I just talked about, you can see I used a lot of my food delivery keywords naturally throughout my content since that is what the article was about, as well as using my keywords as tags for my posts.

Finally, we need to look at more Off-Site SEO tactics such as backlinks. If you use backlinks throughout your articles, this will help put your work out there better. Another obvious one is using social media platforms to share your posts. In itself, social media is a very useful tool where it takes seconds for you and others to share your content. For me, I use Facebook that automatically creates posts whenever I post to my blog which help my posts reach out to everyone without even thinking about it.

My website has started to increase on search engines for food blogs such as Google and in the search area of WordPress. Another article that really helped me improve my SEO ranking is 13 Super-Easy Ways to Immediately Improve Your SEO Rankings. Check out and learn more especially if you have your own blog or website. Please share and let me know what you think so far. Let me know more about what you want to read, as this week I will be adding a few restaurant reviews tying into my journey!

Have a great day guys and hear from you soon!


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