Ordering with Grubhub

Currently I am a senior at Siena, with a part time job, looking and starting soon an internship along with trying to maintain a social life and see my family. This chapter of my life is incredibly busy so Grub Hub is amazing for me. When Professor Pepe asked us to analyze a company, I had to choose Grub Hub. Check on more on Professor Pepe’s Digital marketing class here.

Grub Hub is becoming a very well-known brand, working with many different restaurants as their pickup and delivery service for food. The URL is easy to remember but my favorite part is the mobile app that works incredibly well. They do very well not having a lot of paid advertising, most coming from the restaurants they work with using their website for delivery or from their heavy use of social media such as twitter, have their own blog, along with a news section of current updates on the company and restaurants. It even shows on their homepage “Sound Bites” which gives you tweets or reviews of Grub Hub. Personally for me I follow them on their social media pages because it makes it super convenient to check reviews on restaurants they work with and how fast they are. However, they do pay for some advertising using text ads, video ads with YouTube and email marketing which usually has coupons. As for search results, they paid mostly for certain keywords involving delivery so that their pages for many different restaurant’s show up first. However with the many restaurants using links to Grub Hub, there isn’t a need to over pay for keywords for them.

The mobile app is used mostly for Grub Hub because most people ordering are busy or on the go. The app keeps customers updated of restaurants they work with by sending you notifications. On top of that, you make your own profile where you can save you payments options, restaurant orders you normally get, and addresses such as home or work. All of this saves you time and leads to check out quicker. The app makes it super easy also to choose what you want to eat even if you don’t know. You can use the filters to choose from price, type of food, or restaurants near the specific location they want.

For all these reasons, this is why I love Grub hub and will continue to support them. With being on the go, I have my various different locations saved in the app along with my order saved typically. My favorite place is Golden Grain, they have amazing French fries, sandwiches, cal zones and mores. No matter what I get, I get an order of large fries with it. Plus, thanks to Grub Hub it arrives super quickly, no matter what place I’m at. Check out Grub Hub here, you wont regret it!


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